The RHBC Winter Beer Share - 30th July 2022


Join us for a night filled with good beer and warm hearty food

Date: 30th July

Time: 5pm for 5-30pm

We have partnered with the local homebrewers to share in their delicious winter-inspired brews. Hear from the brewers themselves as to how they came about these moreish beers. Expect to see spiced beers, rich stouts, strong Belgian and Scottish ales, beers that warm the soul.

There will be 8 to 10 beers to be shared on the night accompanied by a wholesome meal and dessert.

Beer Bread with dipping sauce
Main course:

Chicken Breast Curry simmered in a mild creamy honey/curry sauce topped with grilled Banana and desiccated coconut.Served in a ring of Basmati Rice and surrounded by Butternut Fritters
Or a vegetarian option:

With assorted vegetable-filled Butternut topped with a cheese sauce surrounded by Butternut Fritters and a rice timbale with a Tomato/Onion and basil top

Beer and Cinnamon batter-fried Apple rings, and brandy flavoured Vanilla Sauce

Please get in touch with us if you want to reserve a table for your group or if you have any particular dietary requirements. Cell/Whatsapp: 066 472 6352


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